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Only 2 hours from Paris :
Ensuring the success
of your event

A breath of fresh air, bringing a whole new dimension to Nantes-Métropole and the projects of all those who choose to stop here.

The Nantes International Convention Centre is the foremost convention centre in Western France. In fact, it is one of the largest in France and it benefits from Nantes’ dynamic reputation nationally and internationally. Ease of access, a wonderful lifestyle, a strong local economy and a busy cultural scene make the city an ATTRACTIVE VENUE for men and women, businesses – and special events!

The size and efficiency of the Centre’s equipment, the elegance of  its architecture, the professionalism of its staff and ITS TOP-CLASS SERVICES have confirmed the Convention Centre as a benchmark among its peers in Western Europe.

Thanks to its experience in organisation, the Convention Centre will understand your requirements and ensure they are met at every stage, from design to the final event.

This is a city worth visiting for its culture and imagination, its  dynamic economy and its research. Step inside the Convention Centre and enjoy the convivial but efficient surroundings, providing everything you need, whatever the size of your event. Take advantage of the services and assistance of an entire enterprise and its partners.

Give your events a breath of fresh air Welcome to Nantes !


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