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What is the nature of your meetings? Casual and friendly, solemn or official ? From 30 to 300 seats, the equipment setup and style of the various areas can be adapted to the atmosphere that you wish to create for your meetings. All lecture rooms are accessible through rest areas and feature the comfort of warm furnishings and adjustable exposure to daylight.

The Lower Foyer, connected directly with the Great Hall, includes a lecture room with 300 seats and 6 areas with 15 to 40 seats. To help you personalize your event, we provide a choice of different areas you can use separately or in combination with the upper foyer and the auditoriums.

Lecture room 300 - 300 seats
Board room - 120 seats
5 meeting rooms - 30 to 80 seats

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The Upper Foyer is serviced by a 500 m2 Mezzanine with daylight exposure. In addition to Auditorium 450, the upper foyer includes a one-level room with seating for 200 people, featuring a control room and simultaneous translation booths, 8 commission rooms and 6 management offices. All units are connected with a 200 m2 foyer featuring balconies onto the Great Hall and reception and relaxation facilities (coatroom, mobile desks, sitting areas…).

Auditorium 450 - 456 seats
Lecture room 200 - 200 places
8 meeting rooms - 30 to 100 seats
6 management offices

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